The red Californian worm is a specially selected high performance muckworm species. It is 6-8 cm long, dark red in color and of weight about 1 g and reaches sexual maturity after 3 months. It reproduces about 1500 worms annually.

About 60% of the feed intake is excreted as worm castings, called biohumus (vermicompost). Feeding with manure, they decompose and use it as feed, but discharge most of it in the form of humus. The resulting BIOHUMUS (vermicompost) is fine granular organic matter of dark brown colour, containing macronutrients, micronutrients and soil forming microorganisms. It is odourless, loose and easy crumbling. Unlimitedly stable, not subject to decay, while preserving the properties of "live product". Free from harmful substances and pathogenic organisms.

BIOHUMUS (vermicompost) improves physical properties of the soil: it becomes much loose, will not become compacted or form a thick crust. Consequently, fertilized soils both retain enough moisture (reducing the need for watering by up to 30%) and drain the excess moisture (plants will not decay). It contains large amounts of soil cultivating microorganisms, bioactive stimulants, vitamins, amino acids and humic acids, which are the main reserve of nutrients. BIOHUMUS (vermicompost) contains all 16 elements needed by plants in very concentrated form. Macro and microelements are wrapped in water soluble membrane, which allows for easy absorption by plants, but they are released gradually according to their needs. BIOHUMUS (vermicompost) has bactericidal properties which hinders the development of diseases in the soil. Plants tolerate more easily cold, heat and drought. Spraying with water solution of BIOHUMUS (vermicompost) reduces the need of pesticides. All this greatly increases the yield. The use of BIOHUMUS (vermicompost) accelerates fruit ripening, improves product quality, increasing the content of vitamins and protein of to 45%. Fruits become larger, with brighter colours, taste is improved and storage life increased. BIOHUMUS (vermicompost) is effective in all areas of plant growing, both in large-scale agriculture and in the home garden. It contains everything needed by plants - nutrients, hormones, beneficial microorganisms. It is easy to use and safe in any concentration (will not burn plants). Prolonged application may clear the soil from pesticides and heavy metals. There are three main aspects of its positive effects on plants:

  1. Nutritional effect of macroelements (N, P, K) and microelements.
  2. Amelioration effect of microorganisms on soil.
  3. Bioregulatory effect of humuficated organic matter.

BIOHUMUS (vermicompost) contains all 16 elements that plants need in very concentrated form. The concentrations of nitrogen, phosphorus, potassium, magnesium, calcium, and all other useful elements are many times higher than in the richest soil. BIOHUMUS (vermicompost) is the best fertilizer because it contains huge concentrations of beneficial bacteria and other microorganisms, many biologically active stimulants for plants, vitamins, amino acids and antibiotics added to it from the worm's digestive process. They are of concentrations over 100 times higher than in manure, not to mention chemical fertilizers. The humic acids, which are the main reserve of nutrients in the soil, participate in the formation of water impermeable aggregates and improve water and air regime of the soil, add special value to the BIOHUMUS (vermicompost). The particles of BIOHUMUS (vermicompost) are of oval shape and facilitate soil aeration because they do not stick together. By improving the structure of soil plants are able to grow quickly and healthy. BIOHUMUS (vermicompost) retains the necessary moisture and allows for excellent drainage of the soil. Excess water is filtered so that the roots do not decay. This allows economical watering. BIOHUMUS (vermicompost) creates conditions in the soil that impede the development of disease. BIOHUMUS (vermicompost) contains no weed seeds or compounds that inhibit the growth of crops.

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